Website Copywriting: What are they really selling

Website Copywriting: What are they Actually Selling

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Bloggers and Affiliate marketers, what are they selling when they offer the copy for their products?

As an affiliate marketer, you’re always on the hunt for products to promote.

It’s easy enough to get overwhelmed by all of the options out there.

Website copywriting, you could sell anything from ebooks and software to physical goods and services.

But what exactly are you selling when promoting these items?

It can be tempting just to skim over this step but understanding the nuances of each product before you start writing copy will make a huge difference for your success as an affiliate marketer.

In this blog post, we’ll look closely at what it is that affiliates are actually offering their customers.

understanding affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing offers a great opportunity for anyone looking to create an income stream by leveraging their time and knowledge.

Through this form of digital marketing, you don’t ever have to worry about creating or stocking products as your job is to simply represent existing products that are already being offered.

When it comes to writing copy that speaks to potential customers, the key is focusing on how a given product will benefit them rather than selling solely on features or advantages.

You should highlight all the ways in which a product can improve someone’s life.

This will make your content more likely to convert into successful sales.

Affiliate marketing provides an exciting business model for entrepreneurs and digital marketers alike. Marketers that want to join a thriving global community, while helping others find the solutions they need.

difference between copywriting & content marketing

Content marketing vs affiliate marketing and what are they selling really?

Understanding the differences between website copywriting and content marketing is an important step in knowing “what are they selling” as affiliate marketers.

Website copywriting focuses on creating persuasive advertising messages, while content marketing focuses on delivering relevant and valuable information to a potential customer’s interests.

Through copywriting, affiliate marketers can focus on how a product can directly benefit their customer.

This strength in writing for sales purposes can be carried over into developing marketing campaigns.

Within these campaigns, your customers should understand what to do on the page you send them to.

This could be through buying a product, signing up to a service, or sharing your content.

In order to make sure the message is fully understood by the customer, you need to write in an effective way that clearly outlines the action they should take.

Content marketing serves as an education tool for customers, building relationships with them and establishing trust by providing both facts about the product as well as what you know that the customer does not know.

This way, it is not only educating potential buyers (providing value) but also reinforcing their beliefs about why they should buy a specific product or service

By understanding these two different approaches to marketing, you will have tangible knowledge of what they’re selling and have a successful brand strategy in place.

Marketing campaigns

Your writing should also inspire them and engage them enough for them to take the desired action you want them to take. With imagination and careful consideration for the customers, you can create copy that will lead to increased conversions.

When writing for marketing campaigns, there are certain factors which need to be taken into account.

First, consider your target audience and what their interests, needs, and wants may are. This will help inform the content of your message so that it resonates with the right people.

After that, make sure your message is clear and concise.

Don’t confuse or overwhelm your customer with too much information or jargon.

Finally, you must ensure that your message evokes an emotional reaction from the reader. A strong call to action can help inspire customers to take the desired action. It encourages them to act now.

writing copy & focusing on benefits

Copywriting 101: features vs benefits

When it comes to affiliate marketing, understanding what is being sold and how a product can benefit your prospect is key.

Any successful affiliate, writing copy, needs to focus on the advantages of a product and ensure that potential customers understand why it is beneficial for them.

How this product solves their problem.

It’s also important to create content that will be interesting and engaging to the reader.

Good copywriting is the key to generating trust and credibility with potential customers.

It helps them understand why they should buy a product or service from you. By including relevant keywords in your content and optimizing your webpages for SEO.

You will further increase sales and help grow your business. Having an effective content strategy is essential for any successful affiliate blog.

Write to how a product is Beneficial to their lives

By exploring the benefits of a product and writing about how it will help them in their lives.

Affiliate marketers are able to raise interest in a product and encourage more people to explore their services or purchase that item from them.

Writing tangible examples which pertain specifically to your target audience can be useful when exploring this topic.

Understanding the target audience and the way they are typically impacted by a product will greatly increase awareness for what is being sold.

This will gain you trust, which can then be leveraged into sales. People are more likely to buy from someone they know and trust than someone they don’t.

Building relationships with your audience is essential for success as an affiliate marketer.

You can do this by providing helpful information, tips and advice on your blog. Engaging in conversations with followers on social media, or by simply being friendly and personable when interacting with your prospects.

analyze successful copy

When trying to understand what affiliate marketers are selling, looking at examples of successful website copywriting that focuses on a product’s features and benefits can provide valuable insight.

Whether it’s a description of something tangible or intangible like an experience, the goal is to articulate why the product is something desirable.

By highlighting how a product provides benefits, readers can make an informed decision about its value for them, which in turn motivates them to purchase it.

This needs to be effectively communicated so that the reader can recognize them as an attractive solution.

Writing about these features and benefits needs to be done in an attention-grabbing way to draw readers in. It requires persuasive writing about how the product can help the reader so that they see it as something they need in their life.

What they’re really selling

When you sell products to people through affiliate marketing you have to first find out what your target audience wants.

It’s easier to give people what they’re looking for when you know what that is.

You must ask yourself, “What do these people really want”? “What are they selling with their website copywriting”?

When done correctly:

  • Affiliate marketers should focus on the benefit that a product provides, rather than just promoting the product itself.
  • Consumers seek out a benefit beyond the one provided by the product: they want to see a resulting return.

Neil Patel gave an example of this in an article of his and I couldn’t have said it better.

“And often, people aren’t interested in buying a product or service. They’re interested in the benefit that comes from buying, not the product or service itself.
Someone who buys a weight-loss product isn’t that interested in the product. They’re looking for the benefit it provides–the ability to lose weight.
So what they really want, what they really care about, is losing weight, not buying a product. They care about the benefit they’ll personally receive.
If we take this one step further, we’ll see that people are looking for even more than this. Not only are they interested in a benefit, but they’re also interested in a certain return.
Continuing with the example of a weight-loss product, people not only want to lose weight, they also want to look great. They want all of the rewards that come from a more svelte physique. It’s not just about losing weight, but about having clothes that fit, having more confidence, and looking better at work and around town. People are interested in the payoff that comes from using a product or service”.
Consulting with Neil Patel

Neil Patel

always research a product

always do product research when selling an affiliate offer.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, researching the product you’re writing about is an essential part of the process.

This research is the basis for crafting effective copy that speaks to customers and persuades them to buy or invest in a particular product.

Knowing how a product can benefit someone is key to writing engaging copy that drives conversions.

You should always take the time to understand what are they selling; whether it be products, services, or investments.

Understanding all of the features and advantages provided by a product will give your content an edge as you convincingly explain why readers should choose a certain item over another.

Writing about products without conducting thorough research beforehand can lead to inaccurate copy that does not showcase value or promote a brand confidently.

If you aren’t researching the products you’re selling, you could get your prospects into an offer that isn’t a good quality product/service.

If people are willing to trust you, betraying that trust won’t get you anywhere and you’ve lost them before you could even get them into your e-mail list.

Which is the most lucrative way to capture organic sales. When you take your time, know what you’re selling and only sell true value products to your target audience, many of these people will become your regular customers.

Buying products that you recommend to them.

If you don’t put in the proper work, it doesn’t really matter if you sold them garbage on purpose or if it was just laziness and incompetence on your part.

In the end, it’s the same thing, they mistakenly put their trust in the wrong person and you won’t get a chance to make up for it.

Tips For Success

tips for success in finding out what are they selling in affiliate marketing

Regardless of what type of affiliate marketer you are, crafting persuasive copy that successfully sells the products you’re promoting should be a priority.

Make your copy more memorable and increase your overall conversion rates in the process.

Here are some quality tips to follow.

  • Writing effective product sales copy requires a thorough understanding of what it is you’re actually selling.
  • Think carefully about who your target audience is and how they could benefit from using or purchasing the item or service you’re promoting.
  • Tailor your language to craft an engaging story that will connect with your target audience at an emotional level.
  • Provide them with helpful information that will make them feel like they’re getting something valuable out of the transaction.
  • An effective headline and creative use of bulleted lists can also help engage potential customers.
  • Writing with the customer in mind, not just another sales pitch, is crucial when crafting your copy.
  • Rather than simply focusing on features, highlight the benefits of the product so customers can easily see why they should purchase it.
  • Incorporating powerful language and action words also helps to convey urgency and encourage buyers.

With an appealing tone that captures attention and impressive visuals to reinforce your words, you’ll be sure to create a captivating copy that effectively sells products.


Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to make money online and create relationships with your customers.

It’s important to understand the difference between copywriting and content marketing. How a product’s features can be used to benefit your consumers is also extremely vital.

Researching products before writing copy is imperative. Understanding the “why” behind why you should buy a certain product is key to reaching the greatest efficiency in your sales.

As was highlighted, you should craft persuasive content that focuses on how or why the customer should acquire the product instead of solely listing features.

This will significantly help in creating effective copy that not only sells but creates loyal customers.

Although there are many steps for creating successful affiliate writing, if done correctly, an individual can make big gains from using this method as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Did this help you on your journey to create persuasive, compelling copy?

Take this newfound knowledge and make it work for you. Are you in need of help?

Learning the skillset required to make money online through affiliate marketing is a must to make consistent money online.

We’d be honored to mentor you on this journey to financial freedom.

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