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How to Write Website Copy that Converts

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Are you wondering how to write website copy that converts?

Are you struggling to make sure visitors engage with your content and take the desired action?

Writing website copy is an art that takes practice, but with proper guidance it can become second nature (sort of). In this blog post we will be diving deep into the techniques a writer must consider when crafting web content.

We’re all looking for maximum results, from attracting visitors with our copy to inspiring engagement that leads to conversions. So let’s get started learning exactly what tactics lead to successful copywriting.

Not only will we explain what makes website copy effective and how you can use it to your advantage, but also provide specific tips and tricks so that your content resonates with your audience and increases conversion rates.

Understand what your audience wants

understand what your audience wants when creating website copy.

Crafting website copy that converts is largely dependent on understanding your target market.

Before you start writing, identify the needs, interests and desires of your audience. This is best done through research. You can explore forums, voicing questions on social media platforms or create surveys to gain insights into their behavior.

For this niche, I find it helpful to go to Reddit and Quora, where I help the people that make up my target audience.

I’ve been doing this daily and as I encounter more people, the more in tune I am to what they actually want.

This knowledge is priceless from a money making perspective. It allows me to create better offers for them as I refine my marketing strategy.

This is incredibly helpful in driving sales and turning profits.

Knowing what motivates them will help you create content that resonates with them and works towards achieving your end goal, converting clicks into sales.

It’s a process but with an effective understanding of your audience and what they crave, writing website copy that converts will become easier through practice

An engaging headline

When it comes to website copy, crafting an engaging headline is essential to creating content that converts and captivates potential customers. A compelling headline should draw the reader in and lead them to take an interest in your page and your website.

Crafting an effective headline requires creativity, as well as attention to detail. You want to ensure that it captures the interest of your prospects (potential customers).

Many websites fail to take advantage of this opportunity and fail to capture the audience’s attention.

By utilizing creative techniques such as persuasive writing, contrasting words, experimenting with capitalization styles or creating an intriguing question, you can create a headline that is sure to catch the eye of any reader visiting your website copy.

By carefully considering words that create interest, marketers can curate dynamic headlines guaranteed to drive clicks.

With these proven strategies, companies are poised to increase their visibility and attract new consumers by writing website copy that effectively captures their target audiences’ attention.

outline for Ad copy

an outline for ehat your website copy should look like

When actually writing your website copy, you want to start with a sub-headline and then your main headline.

Get the attention of your audience. The sub-heading can be a question used to reiterate why your prospect is here.

Your main headline of your ad copy is the most important. This headline should be written after the sub-headline. Understanding your visitor is key.

Write your copy to that visitors wants and needs. Write it like they’re the only person in the world your copy was intended for.

Rub in the problem that your offer solves and your copy should always be about what this product or service can do for them. How it solves their problem.

Not something like what features it performs.

Be clear & concise

When writing website copy that converts, it is important to have a clear and concise message.

Avoid using technical terms or jargon that the reader may not be familiar with – stick to language that is both simple and direct.

Keeping the language simple will help ensure that visitors engage with your website copy. They have to be able to understand it easily.

Deliver the necessary information in an understandable way. Make it easy to digest.

Smart, effective website copy should speak clearly and directly to its audience in order to convey strong messages which leads readers to take action.

relevant keywords for organic search

an example of website copy

When it comes to writing website copy that converts, it is important to keep your audience in mind.

Researching keywords relevant to your product or service allows you to create content that speaks directly to their wants and needs.

They will be more likely to make a purchase.

This could include researching competitors’ websites and seeing which keywords perform best for them, or it could mean conducting user research by talking with people within your target market.

No matter what method you choose, incorporating relevant keywords into your website copy can be critical when it comes to writing pieces that resonates with your customers and pushes them towards a conversion.


When you write website copy, it is important to include at least one call-to-action in the content that your prospects can take.

This can be done with an informative statement, such as ‘contact us today,’ or simply put, you can ask readers to ‘buy now‘.

Whatever approach you choose, make sure the call-to-action is presented in a straightforward, conversational manner that visitors will understand.

By including a call-to-action within your website copy, you are providing customers with the opportunity to quickly and efficiently take action on the information they have read.

Don’t forget to include one when writing content for your site; it could mean more sales and engagement from your readers.


tools to improve your copywriting

When it comes to writing website copy that converts, social proof can be another important factor.

Showing potential customers real success stories can be a powerful way to invest them in your product or service.

You can incorporate these stories by featuring verified customer reviews on your site.

These testimonials should showcase any recognitions you’ve earned, or highlighting any partnerships you have with well-known brands.

This allows your prospects to trust that they are making the right decision when purchasing from you, as others have already experienced success with your business.

Social proof provides an extra layer of persuasion that speaks directly to potential customers’ wants and needs. This makes them more likely to make a purchase from your brand.

Benefits not features

Adding testimonials to your website copy and talking about yourself aren’t the same thing though.

You don’t want to brag about yourself in your copy or talk too much about a product’s features. You want to let your prospect know how your product benefits them.

An example of this is if I create an online course, my copy isn’t going to be about selling an online course. I’m going to create copy about how my course benefits my prospect.

How they can make a consistent living from online marketing.

How they don’t have to work for some random company on a mundane schedule of work hours or how they can become their own boss and work when they want, go on vacation when they want.

Pointing out that they can live their lives how they want.

That’s what I’m selling, I’m not selling a course. The course is simply what gets them to that place.

The clutter

How to write great website copy

When it comes to writing website copy that converts, it is essential to avoid clutter.

Clutter can overwhelm potential customers and distract them from the important messages within your content. It can cause confusion, create chaos, and prevent users from understanding what you are trying to communicate.

These things will kill your conversions.

To keep clutter out of your website copy, start by creating an outline of the main points you want to convey. This will allow you to stay on track and ensure that everything addresses the key aspects of your product or service.

You should also focus on keeping sentences short and articulate. This will help ensure that readers don’t become overwhelmed by long paragraphs of text. Additionally.

Try adding visuals like illustrations or images whenever possible. They can help break up large chunks of text and make content more engaging for readers.

one option

Another mistake some people make is offering too many options on a sales page.

Don’t have more than one offer on your page. You can and should display that offer more than once within your copy but don’t show any more options.

If you give people options, they will likely choose to leave your page.

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